PRO version

The PROTECTOR® PRO version is directly fitted to the curtain fabric by heat welding. The PVC surface of the PROTECTOR® PRO is softened by heating and laminated/welded to the heated PVC curtain. The PVC surfaces of both products are melted together, creating a strong and permanent bonding. This welding can only be done on new PVC curtain fabrics.

Thanks to this thermal welding process, the PROTECTOR® PRO is strongly fitted to the PVC curtain, having a perfectly flat and neat look. This version is the ideal quality and price version for larger production series, thanks to the automated mechanical installation process.

Because this welding process is done by us, we need a dimension drawing showing the exact location of the PROTECTOR® PRO on the PVC curtain panel. To help you in supplying the measures that we need for welding, we created an order form.

If you want us to weld the PROTECTOR® PRO on your own PVC curtain material, you can also send your roll of PVC to us.