PROTECTOR® is a reinforcement composite fabric consisting of a multi-axial construction of galvanized steel wires, sewn to woven or non-woven fabrics. They offer a high cut resistance, through the inherent cut-resistant property of the steel wires and the accumulation property of the multi-axial laid construction of the wires.

This multi-axial laid construction spreads over the full surface of the PROTECTOR®, so that every square mm of the PVC curtain, to which the PROTECTOR® has been taped or welded, is protected against aggressions.

The PROTECTOR® composite was specifically designed as a means of defence against vandalism and theft. In addition to providing an excellent protection, its great advantages are its flexibility and relatively light weight for the degree of protection offered. Penetration of the reinforced curtain with a knife is made strongly difficult; even if nevertheless one succeeds, the accumulating steel wires will block any movement of the knife.