ALARM version

The PROTECTOR® ALARM version features an intrusion detection on the curtain fabric and was specifically designed to bring the transport of valuable goods in curtain sided vehicles to the same level of security as hard sided trailers, with the additional advantage of enhanced transport flexibility offered by a curtain sided trailer. This version is installed by heat welding on new PVC curtain material.

The PROTECTOR® ALARM version can be supplied with a wireless transmitter for each PROTECTOR® reinforced curtain and an alarm box with wireless receiver, siren and battery.

Optionally, this PROTECTOR® ALARM version can be coupled to third-party tracking and tracing systems for superior security and monitoring.


  • Highest level of cut protection thanks to a double PROTECTOR® composite layer and the intrusion detection on the curtains
  • The alarm box can protect standalone trailers on battery mode
  • The alarm box can also be connected to the opening of the back doors
  • The alarm box can be connected to various data communication systems which can alert police forces, …
  •  A long lasting durability of the detection through the galvanised steel wires