Trailer side-curtain

The most common use for D-fence® is for trailer side-curtains. It is very light and very flexible so that it does not hinder during opening and closing of the side curtain.

For this end-use, D-fence® is generally sewn to a plain PVC fabric, so that the steel cables are completely integrated inside between the plain fabric and the outside trailer curtain. The plain PVC fabric will also increase the wear resistance of the side-curtain, because it protects the bottom part of the side curtain.

Trailer roof curtain

Some transport companies undergo major problems with illegals, trying to pass across the border, while driving i.e. between the UK and the European mainland. Most of these illegals get into the truck trough the trailer roof.

To prevent illegals from getting into the trailers and thus preventing large government claims, D-fence® can be installed in the trailer roof curtain. For this end-use, D-fence® is generally sewn to a lighter PVC mesh fabric, making the D-fence® as lightweight and flexible as possible. With this version, a sliding roof can still be operated the same way as with a regular roof curtain without any security reinforcement. The D-fence® reinforcement will then cover the whole roof surface.