CARAPAX® Technical Information

The CARAPAX® roof curtain is a PVC roof curtain with an aramid reinforcement construction welded against it. The aramid filament construction is built following a predefined angle.

To reinforce the trailer roof, the crossings of the aramid filaments, visible at the underside of the roof curtain, must be secured on every roofstick. In the whole construction, it is very important that the same filaments attached to the first roofstick at the left side are also attached to the fourth roofstick at the other side. This is repeated for every roofstick and for both filament directions. This will allow the aramid filaments to hold the roof.

1. To get the maximum performance out of the CARAPAX® roof curtain, it is very important to define the right angle prior to ordering a CARAPAX® roof curtain.

To define the right angle, you make the following calculation:
ATAN (width on roofstick / 3 x roofstick spacing) = angle

For the above shown Versus-Omega roof, the calculation gives:
ATAN (2285 mm / (3 x 595 mm )) = 52°

2. Preparing the trailer roof and CARAPAX® roof curtain

Because the aramid filaments have to be attached to every roofstick, the roofsticks must have pre-drilled holes, so that the CARAPAX® roof curtain can be attached to it using a curtain clamp or rivets.

When the CARAPAX® roof curtain is being prepared, the holes must also be pre-drilled in the curtain as defined by the trailer roof construction. This will speed up the installation of the CARAPAX® roof curtain on the trailer roof.

A close-up of the Versus-Omega roof below shows how the CARAPAX® roof curtain is attached to the roofstick.

CARAPAX® Advantages

  •  The composite reinforced roof curtain works like a Carapax of a turtle over the trailer top.
  •  It helps to strengthen the total superstructure of the trailer to comply with the EN 12642 XL regulation
  •  Use your sliding roof like you always did: you’ll experience no cables hanging inside like a spider web.
  •  Operate quickly and safely: don’t climb up onto the trailer to remove extra steel pipes etc
  •  Maintenance free! : Carapax is always there at the right tension.