DYNATEX was started as a producer of multi-axial reinforcements for PVC curtains (for trailers). 10 years ago, side-curtains were protected against vandalism and theft by heat welding a 10x10cm or 15x15cm steel grid to the PVC curtain. This was mostly welded by hand or machine welded. This solution was the first of its kind, offering a basic protection at a market-acceptable price.


We at DYNATEX wanted to offer to the market a unique and highly secure PVC curtain reinforcement. The DYNATEX products are regarded in the market as offering the highest degree of cut-resistance, offering a total security solution against the most common cutting blades. They offer also an increased wear resistance under extreme conditions. Moreover, the DYNATEX products are weldable to any PVC curtain surface, they are bendable and they can be rolled-up and so do not obstruct the normal usage of the PVC curtain.